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Trusting in the Media

 AS-12-04417_Wincobank_ Media_Trust_TrainingSometimes it can feel a bit scary.  We stand with one foot in a digital world, the other in the world of documentary evidence and physical artefact.  We want to share the story of Wincobank Chapel with all,  preserving it for generations to come, but  we are scared  to risk losing that story should the digital world implode leaving only a vapour trail.

The Media Trust training with Roy Heath was reassuring and helped clarify the distinction between the actual project and the digital record .  We aim to create both a digital and physical archive and keep this blog as a log of our journey.

It was good to be reminded that this is a community project, not a professional commission.  We have a wealth of  material to draw on but we can  collect just a cross-section of memories.  We do not have to interview the entire population of Sheffield but we do need to share what we create.  Volunteers don’t have to become experts but the project will only bloom if as many people as possible contribute in whatever way they feel comfortable.

We still have a lot of interesting things to do but it all feels less daunting now.


The Ghost of Wincobank Chapel

Keith Lemm outside the chapel

Click here to listen to Keith Lemm tell the story about the ghost that guarded a royal feast. Yes – its a true story …

Back in February we were trying to get to grips with the necessary technology to collect memories and facts for our All Our Stories history project. This is a practice interview but a story too good to be missed.  Keith came to Wincobank in the 1980s. He quickly established himself as youth worker for the Flower Estate and is much loved.  Now in retirement, he looks back on those lively days.  Just click on the link, sit back and enjoy….