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Wincobank Chapel Archive

2013-09-12 Keith's Archive

Keith’s Archive

Keith Lemm has looked after the Wincobank Chapel Archive for years so it was really good that he was pleased with the new protective packaging that we have been able to purchase with our HLF funding.  We have begun to catalogued the items and the next phase will be to transfer the information onto a database.  One day we hope to have an online archive but it seems a long way off just now.  Nevertheless, we are making great strides and everyone is very pleased.

Visitors love to pick up the items to inspect the old documents so we have put the most fragile items in acid free polyester wallets and secured them in a special ringbinder box folder.  That way the pages can be turned and the box lifted up but with luck everything will stay where it is put.

The Chapel archive includes the Minute Books of the chapel, the various social clubs and youth clubs.  Early copies of Conveyance Documents and the Deed of Trust from 1880, Notices, Order of Service Sheets, news cuttings and numerous photographs spanning the decades.  Additional record Books and Accounts are in the Sheffield  Archives.  We also have a growing collection of documents, photographs and even a framed carrrier bag from a local greengrocer, long since gone, all of which have been donated by local people.


A Gift from Sheffield Traditional Heritage Museum


Writing Kit donated by Sheffield Traditional Heritage Museum

Sheffielders have been very sad that the Traditional Heritage Museum on Eccelsall Road, which opened in 1985, has had to close. The collections have been rehoused across the city and we were pleased to receive a consignment of fascinating household objects and clothes that include a beautiful 1862 wooden cradle, a mechanical orange peel shredder for serious marmalade making, as well as a number of mysterious items we have yet to identify.  We are looking forward to collecting thoughts about  this collection and how it can best be used to help children learn and older people remember what everyday life in Wincobank was really like in days gone by. We hope people will come along on Saturday 14th September 10am – 4pm when the Chapel will be opening the doors to welcome old friends and new as part of National Heritage Open Days.