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What next?

So we have come back to the present day to think about the future.  What next?

Mary Anne Rawson said “Prayer without action is a mockery”.  At a time when women did not even have the right to speak in public, she and other women were actively campaigning on a one to one basis, talking to people, challenging views, explaining why they should not buy sugar grown in the colonies.  She felt that to spend time and energy on ampaigning for equal rights for women was a distraction when she was committed to drawing attention to the plight of the truly disenfranchised, those trapped in slavery despite new laws prohibiting both the trade and also the ownership of slaves in the British colonies.

We can see now that the suffrage movement was essential and the status of many women around the world has improved and with it the life chances of their children.  But slavery continues.  When she was 76 Mary Anne was still campaigning and today across the world others carry on that fight.

October 18th has now been designated Anti-Slavery Day.  What can you do to raise awareness and support those for whom the future seems without hope?

If you want to know more the Truth Uncovered website a good place to start    (If the link doesn’t work for you please copy and paste it into your web browser).